Puberty can be tough: big bodily changes, roller-coaster hormonal fluctuations, crushes, peer & social media pressure . . . the list goes on. Kids don’t often get all the support & information they need to navigate this new world safely, confidently & happily. This series gives kids a safer space to receive good info, discuss sensitive topics, ask questions & get honest, accurate, inclusive answers.

Like many other states, NY State does not mandate sex education (only HIV education), which means any sex education given in schools is not required to be comprehensive, medically accurate, unbiased or secular. Even if you already have an open dialogue with your kids about sex — which is fantastic and essential, bravo! — there are still topics and perspectives you may be missing, your child may not feel comfortable discussing everything with you, and there is enormous benefit in community learning, especially regarding topics that don’t often get discussed openly and honestly in public. 


Kids in 6th, 7th & 8th grade. We offer an All Genders class, a Boys class  and a Girls class (at different times).  We usually need at least 5 participants to hold a class; if that threshold is not met, that particular class may be canceled and you will be notified at least 24 hours in advance & reimbursed.  This is a live online class via Zoom OR a drop-off class in Rhinebeck, NY (pre- and post-pandemic). 


  • Anatomy Basics
  • Puberty Deep Dive
  • Gender Stereotypes 
  • Gender Identity & Orientation
  • What Is Sex? What Is Safer Sex?
  • Reproduction & Birth Control
  • Consent & Communication
  • Tech Smarts (including laws, etiquette, texting, sexting, pornography)
  • Healthy Relationships & Body Positivity


This series consists of several workshops (total varies from 8 to 11), with each class either 2 or 1.5 hours long. Current dates, times, and lengths can be found on the Workshops Page. Held either online via Zoom OR in Rhinebeck, NY, OR in your town for private group events.  (In-person classes will be held only when it is safe to do so).


Live Online Classes, In-Person classes, and Private Group pricing varies  (see Workshops Page for exact pricing).

We strongly encourage signing up for the entire series, so kids can build upon their knowledge and develop a sense of trust with the group, and so you can benefit from the full-series discount!  Even if you miss a few classes, signing up for the entire series is still the best deal!  Once the series has begun, the remaining classes are prorated as a series to give you the best deal.

For either Online or In-Person classes, anyone who signs up with a friend receives a discount (use the code FRIEND at checkout, making sure to include the name of the friend who is also registering).

We believe everyone deserves access to decent, comprehensive sex education, so we offer a sliding scale option for those who might find full-price a financial hardship — please get in touch to discuss.