“You are THE BEST THING TO HAPPEN TO OUR SCHOOL DISTRICT since I don’t know what. The kids (and parents) are so lucky to have you!” — Parent of a middle schooler

“I would DEFINITELY RECOMMEND the middle school series. It’s important that people my age get this kind of environment to learn about topics that society has deemed private and inappropriate. The knowledge is also really helpful, no matter your gender identity.” — Middle school student

“What I liked best about The Butterfly Academy: THE BRAVERY TO TAKE ON CONTENT THAT THE SCHOOLS WON’T.  I couldn’t think of one additional topic to add to what your middle school series covered.” — Parent of a middle schooler

“The Butterfly Academy is fun, informative, and JUST PLAIN AWESOME.” — Middle school participant

“What you do is INVALUABLE.” — Parent of a 7th grade participant

“It helped me understand more about my body and MADE ME MORE COMFORTABLE with the subject. Thank you!” — Period Party participant

“My son paid your teaching a great compliment last night. I believe he’d be the first to say that sex ed is not his absolute favorite subject, probably for pretty predictable reasons, but his claim is that YOU COULD TEACH ANYTHING AND MAKE IT FUN.” — Parent of a 6th grade participant

“I liked how interactive it was! IT WASN’T JUST A LECTURE, kids got to talk and have air time. That was really important to me and it made class a lot better.” — Middle school participant

“What you’ve done and are doing is incredible. MY KID HAS LOVED IT. I’ve loved it. All hail you! Thank you for sharing your wisdom with our babes.” — Parent of a 7th grade participant

“What I liked best about the Period Party was just LEARNING MORE about this stuff. Cause I did not know a lot.” — 5th grade participant

“Such a WONDERFUL AND IMPORTANT program for our kiddos!!” — Parent of two middle school participants

“Very informative. Fun. Super comfortable. NOT WEIRD AT ALL.” — Middle school participant

“When it was over my daughter explained to me exactly why women have periods and asked me to demonstrate how to put a pad in her underwear. Afterwards she gave me a big hug, so I know SHE WAS GRATEFUL FOR THE INFORMATION you shared.” — Parent of 5th grade participant

“I would recommend this to ALL my friends. (Be prepared for a roomful of people!)” — 6th grade participant

“I think EVERY KID IN AMERICA should take your Butterfly Academy classes!” — Parent of 6th grade participant

“I just want to tell you that our daughter really enjoyed the Period Party (much more than she thought she would) and learned a lot! The best part was that SHE WAS HAPPY TO TELL US ALL ABOUT IT — both me AND her dad. And I loved when she showed him her bedazzled pad! A growth experience for both of them!” — Parent of 6th grade participant

“You’re like a witch, but a GOOD WITCH, a magical witch.” — 5th grade participant of Butterfly Summer Camp

“So not to throw my husband under the bus but I will this one time: my daughter & I were talking about our periods synching. He said, “TMI.” She responded, “Hey my period teacher said NEVER BE ASHAMED.” He apologized. The end. Isn’t that great?!” — Parent of a Period Party participant