Unfortunately, we can’t only rely on schools to provide our kids a truly comprehensive sex-and-relationship education — schools often don’t have the time, the resources, the state mandates, and, in some cases, the full support of the community to address all the complexities of this arena — and there are many. And even if you already have an open dialogue with your kids about relationships and sexuality — which is fantastic and essential, bravo! — there are still limits to those discussions: you may be missing certain topics and different perspectives; your child may not feel comfortable discussing everything with you; keeping these talks behind closed doors just within your family can project the message that these topics are secret, shameful, and/or inappropriate (hint: they’re not). There is enormous benefit in community learning, especially regarding topics that don’t often get discussed openly and honestly in public. Read more about our mission here.


Parents, guardians, caregivers, teachers — anyone interested in supporting the health and wellbeing of the kids they care for and care about in the one area we as a culture often neglect: relational education.


We will review the peer-reviewed research on why kids need and deserve better sex ed, and more of it. We’ll also introduce The Butterfly Academy philosophy and approach, summarize various Butterfly Academy offerings, and answer any questions you may have.


This workshop is held both online and in-person. Check the Workshops Page for upcoming offerings of this workshop, and sign up to our newsletter to receive workshop schedule updates!


It’s FREE!  But registration is required for each participant attending  (even from the same household). And for the sake of community, friendliness, and transparency, we ask that all all attendees keep their webcams on for the duration.