Parent Wrap-Up for Middle School Series
July 6, 7:00pm

A 1-hour wrap up for the parents/caregivers of the Spring 2021 online cohort to give you A) a quick overview of the series your kids experienced, B) a chance to ask questions, and C) tips & resources on how to keep the conversations going with your kids.

You only need to register once per middle-school participant (i.e. multiple caregivers for the same child can share one registration*), but please share the Zoom link only with those people actively raising said kiddo. Also, this is a workshop only for the adults — please make sure your kids cannot hear or view your screen.

You can email us beforehand any specific questions you’d like answered in the workshop; otherwise, just feel free to ask questions as they arise organically during our online get-together.

*Unless, of course, you’d like to support this fledgling academy, in which case you can register as many times as you’d like!  😉