chalk drawing of a rainbow on the pavement, indicative of LGBTQIA issues
Middle School Survival Club: Positivity, Responsibility & Justice (Online)
June 16, 6:30pm

We’ll review what all the letters of the rainbow stand for: LGBTQIA+! No matter people’s orientation, it’s important for them to learn about different experiences and perspectives in order to create a more accepting world. Sex ed materials in school often assume students are heterosexual; many sex-ed curricula don’t even mention sexual orientation at all; and some that do discuss it only in a negative light. This not only prevents LGB+ students from learning the information and skills they need to stay healthy, but it also contributes to a climate of exclusion in schools and the world in general, where LGB+ people can be targets of bullying and discrimination. This workshop is a start to combat that. Plus, we’ll also talk attraction, crushes and love!

This is a live, online, all-genders workshop. (The “all genders” class is open to EVERYONE. We sometimes offer a “girls” class and a “boys” class. The material is the same in all classes.)

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