Middle school kids playing with pink and blue color powder.
Middle School Survival Club (Individual Classes)

Every WEDNESDAY from 6:30PM-8PM EST
First class: Oct 6th — Last class: February 9th
(no classes on 11/24, 12/22, and 12/29)

This once-a-week, live, online series will give kids (all genders) a safer space to receive good info, discuss sensitive topics, ask questions, and get honest, accurate, inclusive answers. You may sign up for an individual workshop à la carte below, however, when you sign up for the series as a wholekids can build upon their knowledge from class to class and develop a sense of trust with the group; they’ll receive a review packet of the material covered in the series and a “Pin of Completion!”; plus, you receive a BIG discount (even bigger if you get in on the early bird deal)! 

If you’d still like to sign up for individual middle school classes, just let us know in the note field of the registration form which date/topic below you’re signing up for. (If you’d like to sign up for more than one class, you need to register for each class separately). Dates & topics are as follows (order of topics may be subject to change):

  1. OCT 6 =Healthy Relationships
  2. OCT 13 = Bodies & Anatomy
  3. OCT 20 = Puberty: The Physical Stuff
  4. OCT 27 = Puberty: The Emotional Stuff
  5. NOV 3 = Gender Roles & Stereotypes
  6. NOV 10 = Gender Identity
  7. NOV 17 = Orientation & Attraction
  8. DEC 1 = What Is Sex?
  9. DEC 8 = Reproduction
  10. DEC 15 = Safer Sex
  11. JAN 5 = Consent
  12. JAN 12 = NOT Consent: Sexual Teasing, Harassment, Assault & Abuse
  13. JAN 19 = Communication
  14. JAN 26 = Cyber-&-Tech-Smarts
  15. FEB 2 = Pop-Culture-Smarts
  16. FEB 9 = Positivity, Responsibility & Justice

Click here for the full description of this series and its topics.